Mello Beans Espresso Cream Body Soap
Mello Beans Espresso Cream Body Soap

Mello Beans Espresso Cream Body Soap

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Calling all coffee lovers! This Espresso Cream Body Soap is sure to be your new favorite! This incredible collaboration with Mello Beans Coffee is so deliciously aromatic, warm and sweet.  Fresh Mello Beans coffee grounds give this bar the perfect amount of gentle exfoliation for the skin. This Espresso Cream Body Soap smells like freshly brewed espresso with a mix of bittersweet chocolate, coconut, almond, honey, caramel, roasted coffee beans, and burnt sugar. Creates a creamy, luxurious lather that is gentle to the skin. Cleansing yet leaves the skin feeling so smooth and moisturized.

  • I believe in using safe, clean ingredients and my soaps are paraben and phthalate-free!
  • Product packaging is Earth-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Each bar's design and colors may differ as these are all made by hand.
  • All base oils used in my soaps are Organic, and as ethically sourced as possible. I use only RSPO Certified – sustainably sourced Palm Oil and Raw, Fair-Trade Butters in my soaps.
  • To prolong the life of your bar soap, please keep it on a dry surface or soap dish to allow the soap to dry fully when not in use.
  • 5 oz bar
  • 100% Vegan

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Non-GMO Rice Bran Oil, Water, Organic Coconut Oil, RSPO Certified Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Raw Cocoa Butter, Organic Raw Mango Butter, Fragrance Oil, Glycerin, Mello Beans Ground Coffee, Titanium Dioxide, Organic Cocoa Powder, Mica.

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