Meet the Creator

Greetings and welcome, loves! My name is Jennifer, I am the artist behind Forn Galdr Creations and I thank you for visiting my little shoppe!  "Forn Galdr", from the Old Norse language, translates to "ancient magick arts or ancient incantation/spell". Art and creation are an ancient universal language which transcends time and recorded human history. Art is a meditation through which you bring expression and healing into this world, creating something of great value and meaning from unassuming material. Art is... Magick- Magick is the art of utilizing natural forces around us to bring about change.

I have always loved that art possesses the ability to spark joy and inspiration in people from all walks of life. Every time you see or hold a piece that resonates with you, it envokes a certain emotion or feeling; joy, love, gratitude, healing, hope, calm, mystery, wonder, empathy, desire, passion, motivation, strength, determination, excitement. 

I've worked with and explored many, many different art mediums and craftworks. The items I create come in a wide variety of many kinds including Handmade Soap, Silver and Goldsmithing handmade jewelry including precious gems, healing crystals and stones. I love learning and developing all of these skills and am always working to grow and evolve my craft.  

My favorite type of work to do is with my hands. I love fine details, I love getting up close and personal with a medium and putting in the time and effort to create intricate designs that invite you to look deeper.  

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you find something special here to tickle your fancy, inspire and empower you, fit your energetic needs, or perhaps a gift for a loved one!

So much love and light to you and always, your business and support are immeasurably valued. My heart is so full~ <3 Forn